The Escape

Danish journalist Rikke Lyngvig is taken hostage in Afghanistan by a terror group that threatens to kill her if Denmark does not withdraw their troops from the country. However with help from the young Afghan Nazir, Rikke successfully flees and saves her life. She returns to a nation in chaos and is rapidly declared the Danish Jessica Lynch and from there her career is launched into the spotlight. In the meantime Nazir flees from Afghanistan and further up through Europe and ends up in Denmark.

When Rikke meets Nazir she is torn. Is she willing to help the man that saved her life, even though he held her captive and threatened to kill her? Is she willing to jeopardize her new-found career by accommodating an applicant for asylum who is wanted by the police? Everything is turned upside down for Rikke and Nazir and their tumultuous encounter turns into an ill-fated confrontation with their own demons as well as a nation characterized by the hunger of sensations and a superficial political populism.

Kathrine Windfeld

Mette Heeno, Rasmus Heisterberg 

Morten Kaufmann

Release date
January 9, 2009


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