A father has killed a man and will shortly be arrested and sent to prison. His young daughter will be taken into care. She is his definition, and he, for all his failings, is the ground under her feet. They are inseparable and have nothing but each other. Unwilling to give up their freedom they escape into the woods. The first few weeks are happy – spent working and surviving, feeding themselves and finding shelter. The forest tests them to their very limits, but is also beautiful and gentle. Somehow in nature things become clearer. As summer comes to an end, their roles are reversed. A young girl has come of age and a strong man has turned into a helpless boy. Meanwhile, the police has tracked them down.

Faro is director Fredrik Edfeldt’s and writer Karin Arrhenius’ second film together after the critically acclaimed THE GIRL.

Fredrik Edfeldt 

Karin Arrhenius 

Anna Croneman, Fatima Varhos 

Release date
March 15, 2013


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