Jag stannar tiden


Jag stannar tiden
I stop time

Gunilla Bresky’s new film, “I stop time”, is a story from World War II that is unlike anything else. It is based on the Russian war photographer Vladislav Mikosha’s diaries and photographs. He was filming at the front, but he also visited Hollywood during the war and became a star when he showed his pictures from the front. As Mikosha’s Swedish voice in “I stop time” we have Jonas Karlsson. Gunilla Bresky has made several award-winning documentary films about World War II. The most recent, “Night Witches”, is about female Soviet bomber pilots.

Gunilla Bresky 

Gunilla Bresky 

Jan Blomgren 

Release dates
January 14, 2014, Tromsø International Film Festival, Norway 

January 28, 2014, Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden

Nominations & Awards
Awarded Tempo Documentary Award, Tempo Documentary Festival, 2014 

Awarded FICC (Don Quixote), Tromsø International Film Festival, 2014


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