The Garbage Helicopter

Somewhere in Sweden, a gigantic dumpster breaks loose from a heavy chain suspended underneath a big helicopter. The dumpster hits the ground with a terrible crash. Meanwhile, an aging Roma woman wakes up in her house with an enormous longing to get her old wall clock back. The clock has been at the clockmaker’s for over a year. She calls one of her grandchildren who solemnly promises to bring the clock back to her.

Two days later, three Roma youths climb into a car in order to take the clock to their grandmother who lives 1030 km south of them. A strange journey along Sweden’s long, winding highways begins and it proves to be very rich in content despite the rather trivial purpose.

Andreas Emanuelsson

Jonas Selberg Augustsén

Jonas Selberg Augustsén

Release dates
May 27, 2016, Sweden
October 11, 2015, BFI London Film Festival, UK

Nominations & Awards
Official selection: Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival 2016 

Official selection: Chicago European Union Film Festival 2016 

Official selection: International Film Festival Rotterdam, IFFR Live, 2016 

Official selection: Torino Film Festival 2015 

Official selection: Nordic Film Days Lübeck 2015 

Official selection: BFI London Film Festival 2015

Winner: Best Original Score, Swedish National Awards, 2016

Nomination: Best Picture, Swedish National Awards, 2016


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