Ack Värmland


Ack Värmland
When Anette gets replaced by a coffee machine in the mill canteen where she worked all her life she must venture into the fierce entrepreneurial world. She decides to start a pedicure salon and hires her unemployed daughter Fanny as a corporate financial manager. Soon it turns out that both Anette and Fanny is pregnant and their two boyfriends move in.

In the small town of Molkom, Värmland, we meet Anette (Mia Skäringer), her daughter Fanny (Ida Hallquist), their slacker boyfriends Pontus (Björn Starrin) and Ola (Johan Östling), the manicurist Sol-Britt (Sussie Eriksson), Anette’s ex-husband Janne (Tomas Tjerneld) and their sex-obsessed neighbors (Lotta Tejle & Bengt Alsterlind).

Anette Brantin, Jan Blomgren

Ulf Malmros

Jaana Fomin & Ulf Malmros

Release date
March 13, 2015, TV4 Sweden

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