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The Brokers

Kaj is a mess. He lies, cheats and generally has little to show for himself. Luckily he’s got a permanent job as an estate agent, and a wife who, if all else fails, can support him. One day, however, all that comes to an end. He gets sacked from his job and, after one affair too many, his wife Maggan chucks him out of the house.

Homeless and desperate, he looks up his old mentor, Gunnar, who agrees to help him out in return for a favor. Kaj has to help Gunnar’s daughter Vilma become a successful estate agent. If he succeeds, he’ll get half the company. As soon as Kaj makes his promise to Gunnar, however, Gunnar dies, and Kaj has to get busy. Kaj and Vilma make for a very odd couple in the real estate business, and we get to follow them as they try to make it as estate agents, and sort out their very messy private 

Jan Blomgren

Ulf Malmros, Lars Vasa Johansson

Jesper Andersson, Marcus Olsson

Release date
September 24, 2006

Nominations & Awards
Nominated for the Swedish TV industry’s Kristallen Award 2007  

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