God morgon alla barn

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God morgon alla barn
Good morning children

The intermediate school in the small community of Kroka is preparing for the annual Lucia, Queen of Light, celebration. Each year, the prettiest girl in the school is chosen to play Lucia, but this year they decide to break with tradition and instead vote off the candidates one by one.

The main characters of the drama are Gun, a tradition-bound teacher of the school whose decision to change the rules has undreamed-of consequences for the people around her. We also meet Ann-Kristin, who runs a wedding salon and is the mother of Nettan, one of the Lucia candidates; the headmaster of the school, Bengt, who dreams of authority and a romantic relationship with Gun; Einar, the passionate village pizza baker, who is also the father of Karin, one of the students who rebels against the new order. Beneath the surface, the inhabitants of Kroka brood on their well kept secrets, and soon a spiral of events is set in motion that threatens to tear apart the community. And in the midst of all this, the mysterious school inspector arrives.

Jens Jonsson 

Jan Blomgren

Stina Sturesson

Release date
November 7, 2005

Awards & Nominations

IKAROS 2006 – Best Public Service Program, SVT

Nominated for the Swedish TV industry’s Kristallen Award 2006

Hors Concours Selection, BANFF World Television Awards 2006

Conference in Cologne: The Student Jury’s Prize 2006

Selected for EBU Proud to present Venice 2006. 

DramaLars Rodvaldr