His Wife
The Regicide is a penetrating depiction of the inner machinations of power in its public and private guises. A compelling and intensely thrilling story about those who rule and those affected by that rule, about power and powerlessness, and above all, about perpetrators and victims. It is the story of Linda Jakobsson, married to the Social Democrat finance minister Gert Jacobsson. The Social Democrats have just lost the election and Linda quickly understands that Gert has decided to topple the Prime Minister and run for leadership of the party himself. Linda can tell because she knows her husband for the power-hungry man he is – he has exercised his power over her for many, many years.

Anna Croneman

Sara Heldt & Pia Gradvall

Kathrine Windfeld

Release date
February 18, 2008

Nominations & Awards
Official selected for La Rochelle - 11ème festival de la fiction TV 2009. 

Nominated for the Swedish TV industry’s Kristallen Award 2008.

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