Detective Superintendent Eva Höök has recently been put in charge of the criminal investigation unit at county CID in Luleå, a promotion that has aroused some consternation, especially among her male colleagues. The new boss becomes the subject of much discussion, and proves a highly divisive issue within the county police. Her private life is not without its problems either. She is a single mother of a teenage son, Lasse. When Eva realises that he is being bullied in class, she takes him out of school and moves away with him to escape his tormentors. They move in temporarily with Eva’s brother while they look for a new place to live. Lasse meets a new friend whose father becomes interested in Eva.

Jan Blomgren, Serina Björnbom

Lena Koppel, Kristian Petri, Jörgen Bergmark, Molly Hartleb, Simon Kaiser 

Mikael Rundquist, Peter Lindblom, Birgitta Bongenhielm

Release date
January 30, 2007

Nominations & Awards
Nominated for the Swedish TV industry’s Kristallen Award 2007. 

Nominated for IKAROS 2007. 

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